Jeremaiah Aquilar

Jeremiah Aguilar has been with the Tampa Muay Thai family for 3 and ½ years. He became a trainer in December of 2015. Jeremiah wanted to become a trainer because he has a passion for helping people succeed. Not understanding a technique? Feeling a little out of place in class? Jeremiah would love nothing more than to be your go-to guy for any and all questions. Seeing people progress and get better every day is what drives Jeremiah to be the best trainer he can be.
Jeremiah is a goofy character with a great attitude, open heart, and an exceptional list of dance moves. In the ring, he may look small, but he’s got power behind those kicks, speed in his movement, and is one of the most technical fighters on the team. He’s fought twice and is nowhere near ready to call it quits.
“Muay Thai to me is pretty much my life. I wouldn’t know where I’d be or what I’d be doing with my life, if it weren’t for Muay Thai. It’s given me so much in life, like great friendships and family. To me, Muay Thai isn’t just a martial art- it’s art, it’s comfort, it’s my life.”
Jeremiah loves KMT inside and out, mostly because of the family we have all become. He thinks our members are “some of the coolest, multi-talented, and awesome people” he’s gotten the chance to know and believes it is a privilege to see and train with them every day!