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Gym Etiquette

Loving your gym = taking care of your gym


  • Wipe down equipment
    • Want to be clean and germ free? Then make sure you grab a paper towel and disinfectant! Give the gear you use a good wipe down before you put it back.
  • Bring a towel
    • We all sweat. Our shirts get drenched, sometimes we look like we just showered. Most of us don’t mind our sweat, it comes with the territory. But other people’s sweat? Not so much. Bring a towel.
  • Put back equipment
    • You use it? PUT IT BACK. There are all sorts of gizmos and gadgets all over the place and you are so welcome to use it all as long as you put it back in its home. The gloves get lonely when they are left out on the ring, so make sure you keep them happy and back with the others.
  • Put your belongings on the rack
    • KMT would love to be considered as your second home, but sadly it is not your actual house. Make sure you put your things on the rack. No one wants to trip over a loose shoe and roll an ankle.