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2011 Archives

Week #1 (1/3-8/11) : Kick Defense: Blocking A clip of Khru Ray and Meungmanee Khaomtom62 practicing kick defenses. (Note: The “cross-block” is used frequently to defend the Lead kick.)

Week #2 (1/10-15/11) : Sprint Kicks A clip of Attachai displaying proper technique of multiple “sprint”  kicks on the pads. We finish each round with a number of sprint kicks while we are practicing technique on the pads. This is a great way to drill technique, conditioning, stamina, power and speed all in one!

Week #3 (1/17-22/11) :Basic Off-Balancing (Throw from Plam) A clip of Khru Ray training plam (clinch) w/ Komarwut Khanomtom62 under the guidance of Khru Aey Khanomtom, demonstrating a basic off-balancing technique.

Week #4 (1/24-29/11): Kao Loy (Flying Knee) A small clip of Khru Ray teaching class with Jalal Khatib in 2008. This is a technical combination applied on the pads setting up the flying knee.

Week #5 (1/31-2/5/11): Quarter-Turn & Kick Khru Aey teaching Kongtoranee Khanomtom62 the quarter circle turn footwork to set up the kick on the pads.

Week #6 (2/7-2/12/11): Batha Loob Pak (Teep kick to the Face) A short montague video of KMT fighter Mark Kling and Khru Ray demonstrating this traditional technique during thier fights and Khru Ray practicing the technique with ”The Woodenman” Jongsanan Fairtex.

Week #7 (2/14-2/19/11): Plam Basics: Hand Position / Curve Knee A clip of Khru Ray with  the help of WBC and Lumpinee Champion, Kaew Fairtex, practicing basic Plam (clinch). The fundamental practice of close range fighting where body manipulation, knees and elbows are employed. Important!: Notice the curve knee is practiced using the inside of the thigh to make contact instead of the tip of the knee to prevent injury during training.

Week #8 (2/21-2/26/11): Teh Kor: Neck Kick counter to Body Punch A small sample of the first Attachai Training Video. Here, Attachai demonstrates the method of countering the lead body punch with the shin kick to the neck. Very effective against the opponent who may drop his guard while punching to the liver.

Week #9 (2/28-3/5/11): Fake Teep to Leg Trip: Number 5 of The Fake Teep Series from Level 2 Curriculum. A video of Khru Ray sparring with his trainer, Khru Aey. Ray manages to pull this technique off on him. Needless to say, he later paid for this small victory.

Week #10 (3/21-3/26/11) PraRam Dern Dong: Climbing Kick A sample of the 2011 Muay Thai Day Celebration material. Khru Ray teaching a modified version of the Muay Boran technique countering a simple Teep. Praram Dern Dong meaning “Lord Rama Waliking in the Forest”.

Week #11 (3/28/11) Teep counter to Kao Loy

Week #12 (4/4/11) Off-Balancing/ Sweep (Attachai sparring w/ Angel Santiago)

Week #13 (4/18/11) Dodge to Neck Kick Counter

Week #14 (4/27/11) Sok Kaab (funny)

Week #15 (6/7/11) Sprint Kicks: Speed + Power

Week #16 (6/27/11) Elbow Defense/Counter

Week #17 (7/4/11) Kick to Teep (Attachai)

Week #18 (7/12/11) Kao Loy to Sweep

Week #19 (7/29/11) Old School Combo

Week #20 (8/5/11) Kick Catch to Sweep

Week #21 (8/15/11) Teep Defense w/ Knee

Week #22 (9/1/11) Time to Get Stronger! (1441 S&C)

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