Training Videos

[youtubegallery] Ray and Muengmanee sparring (Khanomtom 62)|
KMT Sparring|
KMT Sparring 2: Sakeddao vs. Yodpech|
[/youtubegallery] [youtubegallery] Jongsanan Fairtex Seminar|
A day in the life of … (Fairtex Bangplee)|
JangJao Fairtex (Fairtex Bangplee)|
Ek Fairtex (Fairtex Bangplee)|
training w/ Khru Aey (Fairtex Bangplee)|
[/youtubegallery] [youtubegallery] 2011 Muay Thai Day Celebration Seminar|
How to Wrap Your Hands|
Lin Cherng with Jongsanan 2007|
KMT Wai Khru|

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