Authentic Muay Thai

Khanomtom Muay Thai strives to provide the most authentic and original Thai Boxing training to the world. Inspired by the historical icon, Nai Khanomtom, Khanomtom Muay Thai represents the art in its purest form.

Our gym offers state of the art training methods, designed by champions of the sport, for anyone from beginner to professional in a comfortable, safe and friendly atmosphere. Our highly qualified staff is dedicated to the task of assisting all members in reaching their goals, whether for fitness or competition, weight-loss or self-defense.

Based upon the principles the art has been made up of, such as honor, respect, discipline and hard work, Khanomtom Muay Thai proves its authenticity.

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Tampa Muay thai proudly offers one-on-one training to everyone. This is highly recommended for those who wish to develop a clear understanding of the art. Click the button to get started today.

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