Missed the February 28th fights?

DON’T LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN! Kidding- butnotreally.

We had an AWESOME night.

The KMT family was in full force,

taking over a good portion of the crowd.

Chants were cheered, memories were made (drinks were drank),

but most importantly our fighters fought with unwavering heart.

From the moment each fighter stepped in the ring, there was an energy sparking from their soul.

Our KMT family fueled their fire with words of encouragement and each fighter put on a great performance.

The wins and losses do not define our fight team- only their passion, commitment, and determination.

A special congrats to Lucas Aspe for his win by unanimous decision,

and to Willie Torres and Jill Bosserdet for bringing home two Titles.

Keep pushing KMT, keep chasing your dreams!

And a BIG thank you to Dato, Anson, Alex and the KMT fight team for getting our fighters ready for action!

Another thank you goes straight to the KMT fam

for your never-ending support.

YOU help keep all of us going.


Shout out to our very own Juliana and also Jam Photography for some kick ass pictures. Thank you guys!