KMT Fight Team- Nasser Al – Hafi

So Nasser- we see you around the gym in the evening hitting pads and training, but what do you do during the day?

I am a Muay Thai fighter by night and a Portfolio Manager for a private lender by day. Its more exciting than it sounds..I think.

That sounds like a sweet gig. What do you see for yourself down the line?

I hope one day I won’t have to wake up to go to work for someone else Monday – Friday. I would rather wake up earlier every single day to work for myself.

Ah- being your own boss man does sound nice. Curious, how did you end up doing Muay Thai? and why fight?

I started Muay Thai when I got out of college. My friend and fellow fight teammate Chari started a year before me. Once I was out of college I decided I had waited long enough. I decided to fight because I wanted a challenge to get in the best shape of my life. I had never done anything like it before and thought it was something I would enjoy. I was really out of shape when I decided to fight (235 pounds!) and I cut to 185 in 9 weeks. That wasn’t very fun, but I look forward to training every chance I can. Training for a fight taught me a lot about what your body can do if you feed it right and train like a mad man.

Muay Thai has made Nasser STRONG. See above photo.

Muay Thai has made Nasser STRONG. See above photo.

What if Chari never introduced you to Muay Thai? 

If I didn’t train Muay Thai, I’d probably find a different way to challenge myself. To be honest, I was always fond of watching fights and always wanted to learn how to fight. So, if I didn’t find Muay Thai, I probably would have started boxing.

Born fighter then! What’s your favorite thing to eat and do outside of Muay Thai?

If I’m not cutting weight, you can find me feasting on lots of tacos. If I was back home (Abu Dhabi) it would most definitely be Shawarmas. If you don’t know what that is, book a flight to the Middle East and pick us up a few. It’s basically a Middle Eastern taco. And Soccer/Futbol is my other passion. I’m a terrible player, but a huge fan.

You mentioned home being Abu Dhabi, that’s awesome. What other traveling experiences do you have?

I’ve been fortunate enough to have done a fair bit of traveling. I was born in Kuwait, raised in Abu Dhabi and as a result I have been able to travel all around the world. Before I even knew what Muay Thai was, Thailand was (and still is) my favorite place I’ve traveled to. I have been there three times, but haven’t been back since I have taken up Muay Thai.

You lucky duck! What’s one thing you bet we don’t know about you? 

One thing you don’t know about me is I was on an academic games team for my high school and I was the captain of the team that won the international tournament. South american geography was my specialty, i have no idea why.

Impressive! And game time, two truths and a lie:

I love running, My cat is a jerk, and I can grow a glorious beard.

Hint: Beard.

Hint: Beard.



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