KMT Fight Team – Kaitlyn Ranze

Assisting an incredible team of physicians in saving and preserving vision,

I am a retina (eye) nurse by day, amateur Thai boxer by night.


After a childhood with my nose buried in books and a young adulthood spent avoiding strenuous activity, I started training muay thai after a premature quarter-life crisis. Salsa, bellydance, and surfing, though fun, wasn’t fulfilling.  I aspired also more meaningful physical challenge – I was either joining the military or training muay thai.

The shiny thai shorts and snake print boxing accessories sold me.

I started fighting because I needed a challenge mentally. Executing proper technique with the right timing isn’t violent as much as it is a precise art. I don’t have to be the strongest, fastest, or most athletic to strike and score a point.

Yet muay thai has made me faster and stronger. Between the strength training provided in-house at Elite Strength and Conditioning and consistent muay thai work-outs, I’ve conquered the push-up and have now set out to lift bigger and heavier things.

When I’m not at muay thai, I’m running. I’ve completed a handful of half marathons and I am faster and more competitive after training muay thai. I’ll be doing the Walk to Cure Arthritis if anyone is free May 7.

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Fighting changed my lifestyle. I used to eat a Whopper on the way to the gym and for dessert Cheetos with chocolate milk on my return home. I’ve learned food is fuel and good nutrition supplements the grueling workouts. Now I keep my diet as varied as my boxing combinations. From panang curry, Indian dosas, or Greek moussaka, the cleaner I can serve a meal, the better, but I’ll eat almost anything without remorse.
Head Tampa Trainer David Gogichaishvili is going to make me do so many burpees when he reads this, but I once ate the chocolate frosting off a doughnut a day before weigh-ins. Sometimes, what’s bad for you metabolically is fantastic for you spiritually.

If I didn’t train muay thai, I’d probably tackle a triathlon and have way less mileage on my car.

You probably didn’t know I live in Lakeland and commute to the best gym in the area to train – Tampa Muay Thai.

Even while on vacation, I manage to  train. I’ve done muay thai in Puerto Rico, Colombia, and Panama. I’ve worked in Kingston, Jamaica, but I like traveling to Central and South America porque necesito practicar hablando en español. Last year, I was fortunate to travel with several of my teammates from the gym to Thailand. It was an incredible experience that I hope we repeat this summer 2016.

Two truths and a lie.
I used to be an obituary writer.
I’ve been dive certified since I was 12.
I hate clinching.