KMT Fight Team – Alex Berrios

Muay Thai fighter by night, Mechanical Engineer/Project Manager by day.

If I’m not cutting weight, you can find me chowing down on pizza. I enjoy kicking things with my shins and punching things, too, but I also find trail biking quite thrilling.


Let me tell you about my travel experiences: too much to list. Been to four continents and grew up in Japan. To keep from straying too far from Muay Thai, I’ve been to Thailand four times and fought there three times.

Let me tell you about my future plans: I plan to fight until I am the champion. Boxing is a childhood dream and a blessing. Growing up hearing stories about Muay Thai from my father’s travels to Thailand made me fall in love with Thai boxing. Believe it or not, I have been in as many street fights as ring fights (27 or so). Fighting is natural to me and I wanted to fight from the first training session.

If I didn’t train Muay Thai, I’d have been a bodybuilding power breakdancer or motorcycle racer or chef at my own famous restaurant.

Two Truths and a lie: 1. I like to eat shellfish. 2. I love to workout to exhaustion. 3. I like to bake bread.

One last thing, I bet you didn’t know I won a poetry contest and am a certified private pilot.




  • Kachamaa

    My my schoolmy instructors by teachers and all my friend. great and helping create great fighters great people and the fundamental skill to fight to train Muay Thai a great art involving mental growth understanding and discipline. Muay Thai taught me.friendship and unbelievable will. I love my team Muay Thai tmt.never been anywhere where the people make you feel like you’re great and you .give you confidence and believe in you Tampa Muay Thai my home.